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Ninja vs Vitamx: Why the Ninja Excels!

As a busy individual, you need a blender that can efficiently complete tasks. Clean-up should be minimal, food processing should be up-to-par, and the product features should be varied enough that you can complete a number of tasks. Two blenders that most consumers usually contemplate between are those produced by Vitamix and Ninja. Both of these companies produce high quality blenders, but the question usually comes down to which product is better.

To make your decision easier, below you will find a useful guide that details the important qualities of each blender. Therefore, your decision of deciding between Vitamix vs Ninja blender will instantly become much easier. It should be noted however that the exact products chosen for assessment are the Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 and the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830) These two products were chosen based on similar standards and price range.

Product Capabilities

When choosing a product, it is vital to review the product capabilities. Beginning with the Ninja blender, this product has a multitude of capabilities for your kitchen. With this blender you can create frozen desserts, break down ice, process whole fruits and vegetables, and even make hot soups. Other capabilities include chopping, creaming, blending, churning, grinding, and more. Essentially, with this blender, the capabilities are endless. You can cook whole meals in minutes through this simple and effort free process.

On the other hand, the Ninja Blender is also very similar. This blender allows you to crush whole fruits and vegetables, seeds, and ice. In addition, you can even make wholesome nutrient juices, dips, purees, and so much more based on the handy recipe book that comes with this blender.

Overall Capabilities Comparison

Looking at both products, the capabilities are nearly the same. Both blenders work to prepare meals, smoothies, soups, and even crush ice. Therefore, to truly differentiate the better from the worse between the Ninja vs Vitamix, it is essential to look at product features.

Product Features

Product features are basically the components that the product comes with, along with the power and uses of those components. To begin with, the Vitamix product is a 2-speed blender with thermally protected 2+ peak horsepower motor. The blade assembly is made of stainless steel, which is perfect to avoid rusting. In addition, the plastic components are also made from BPA-free plastic, while the container is a 64 ounce non-toxic polycarbonate container. To enhance the durability of the product, the makers of Vitamix use Easton Triton copolyester material, which is virtually unbreakable. The overall weight is the product is 15 pounds, and it has a simple and contemporary appearance.

Different from the Vitamix blender, the Ninja is equipped with a more powerful motor, which is 1500 WATTs and 2.5 horsepower. This product also uses high speed cyclonic blades that each rotate independently for extremely smooth food. Like the Vitamix, they are also made from stainless steel. With this product, you can expect to receive 3 pro single serve cups with a sip and seal feature for drinks on-the-go. All plastic components are BPA-free, and the pitcher itself is a full 72 ounces. The power options on this blender are also more varied. Unlike the two speed ability of the Vitamix, this blender features a pro-variable speed which gives you 10 speeds plus a pulse option. The Ninja blender is a bit heavier, weighing 18.5 pounds and it also has a simple appearance.

Overall Product Features Comparison Ninja vs Vitamix

Based on the product features, it seems that the Ninja has higher quality features. All the plastic is BPA-free, the mixing jar is larger, it comes with to-go cups, and it also has a higher horsepower than the Vitamix. The only downside is that it weighs a little bit more than the Vitamix blender.

Ease of Use

When looking at the ease of use between the Ninja vs Vitamix blender, the qualities that are reviewed are the mobility of the product, cleaning features, and how the design works to make the process easier. Starting with the Vitamix blender, as it weighs only 15 pounds and is somewhat compact, it should not be difficult to handle. This also enhances the mobility, as you can quickly move it around your kitchen, should you need to. As the product description and users have indicated, the product is also very easy to clean. The front panel requires a quick wipe, while the inside of the blender can be washed with soap and water. The simple design of the product also lend to the ease of use. There are no tricky buttons or difficult lid removal.

As for the Ninja, it is also very easy to use. The heaviness of the product may make it less mobile than the Vitamix blender, but the heaviness also lends to the stability. You can rest assured that your blending will not be compromised by accidental tipping. Like the Vitamix blender, users have also complimented the ease of cleanup. All the blender needs is some soap and water, and a simple wipe. Lastly, as for the design of the product, while there are more settings that you can choose from, the selection doesn’t hinder your ability to use the product. Everything is forward and simple to use.

Overall Ease of Use Ninja vs Vitamix

Both blenders are extremely easy to use and clean. However, the only drawback is that the Ninja blender is a heavier model, which may make it more difficult if you need to move the blender around.


Vitamix: Fewer blending options, materials aren’t great

Ninja: Heavier model, difficult to move


Vitamix: $378.00

Ninja: $260.00

Overall Ninja vs Vitamix

Both products are high quality and durable blenders with great blending capabilities. However, when looking at the Ninja vs Vitamix, it becomes apparent that the Ninja is the better model. With this blender you have better quality features, more capabilities in terms of blending speeds, and the outcome of the processing has been described to be very smooth. Those looking for an excellent and top performing blender may be happier with the Ninja model. The cost is also much less than the Vitamix blender, making it even more appealing.


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