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Does Juicing Have Any Health Benefits?

Juicing is a trend that has taken the health world by storm; millions of people are now opting to gulp their greens instead of consuming them conventionally. Basically, this involves the extraction of juice from whole vegetables and fruits. But does this carry any health benefits or is it just an empty fad? Most people juice their vegetables with a NutriBullet in order to consume them in an easily digestible form. When vegetables are juiced, the insoluble fiber is stripped from the produce. And while fiber is still a vital dietary component, removing it enhances the absorption of[...] Learn More >

Ninja vs Vitamx: Why the Ninja Excels!

As a busy individual, you need a blender that can efficiently complete tasks. Clean-up should be minimal, food processing should be up-to-par, and the product features should be varied enough that you can complete a number of tasks. Two blenders that most consumers usually contemplate between are those produced by Vitamix and Ninja. Both of these companies produce high quality blenders, but the question usually comes down to which product is better. To make your decision easier, below you will find a useful guide that details the important qualities of each blender. Therefore, your decision of deciding between Vitamix vs Ninja blender will instantly become much easier. It should be noted however that the exact products chosen for assessment are the Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 and the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830) These two products were chosen based on [...] Learn More >


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